Pilates Classes in Prestwick, Ayrshire by Kirsty Anderson of Active8 Pilates.
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** CardioBox Kick n Punch Thursdays 9.30am New Road Academy of Dance, Ayr. CardioBox bringing in pads, mitts and kick pads. Great for technique, workout and seriously fun and stress busting. Places must be booked.

Cardiobox Fitness with Kirsty of Active8Pilates

Jab, cross, hook and kick to the beat. Cardio Box lets you combine punching and kicking combos to dance music that makes you sweat and sculpt the entire body. Its a fun, easy to follow workout - great stress relief!, similar to Body Combat workouts.

Classes run Mon nights - 30min blast / Tuesday mornings 9.30am / Wed nights 6.30-7.30pm - see Timetable for full details.

Any questions please contact me and look forward to seeing you in class k x

Feel free to drop me an email at enquiries@active8-pilates.co.uk or phone 07815 740 306 if you want to ask any questions.

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